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A high-quality community in Newport


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Bloor Homes is bringing forward plans for a high-quality community in Newport, Shropshire

Bloor Homes, the largest privately owned housebuilder in the UK, is bringing forward new plans for development on land to the west of Station Road, Newport.

The new planning application will propose around 300 new homes in a range of styles and sizes to help meet local housing needs. It will also include an Extra Care scheme for assisted later living. Across the site, 35% of the units will be affordable properties offering high-quality housing for those who may be struggling to afford a deposit or rent. The homes are proposed alongside extensive landscaping and new community facilities including a multi-use games area, an equipped play area and a community orchard / growing area.

Prior to submitting a planning application, Bloor Homes wants to ensure that the local community has been given an opportunity to view the plans and provide feedback. All feedback received will help to inform the final plans to be submitted to the Council and ensure the proposals complement the site’s existing surroundings.

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Our pre-application consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all feedback received. The consultation ran from 26th May to 9th June 2021. You can still get in touch with the development team by email or telephone.


You may already be aware that two separate outline planning permissions for new homes on land at Station Road have already been approved by Telford and Wrekin Council.

Firstly, outline planning permission for the erection of up to 120 dwellings for “land south of Springfield Industrial Estate” was approved in March 2018 (planning reference: TWC/2015/0057). Furthermore, outline planning permission for up to 350 homes as well as employment space, community facilities and green open spaces was granted in November 2020 for “land east and west of Station Road” (planning reference: TWC/2011/0871). Under this planning permission, up to 186 new dwellings could be erected on land to the west of Station Road, as well as an Extra Care scheme.

Several years ago, this land was also subject to proposals for a new supermarket.

Earlier this year, Bloor Homes submitted a reserved matters application for 115 dwellings on the parcel of land immediately to the south of Springfield Industrial Estate. This application is currently being considered by the Council.

Bloor Homes has now acquired all of the land with planning permission west of Station Road. Up to 306 dwellings and an Extra Care scheme could be built on this land under the existing permissions. We have taken time to reflect on feedback received since acquiring the site to consider how we can bring forward a scheme that reflects local views and aspirations.

It is clear that the best way to do this is to bring forward a new planning application encompassing the entire development area to the west of Station Road. This will allow the delivery of a more holistically planned development, properly taking account of site constraints and opportunities, benefiting both new and existing residents.

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The Site

Land west of Station Road offers an ideal opportunity to deliver much-needed new homes in a sustainable location. The site benefits from excellent access to a wide range of services and amenities located within a short walking distance from the Site, with the centre of Newport a 15-minute walk. These include (but are not limited to):

Linden Hall Surgery;

Wellington Road Surgery;

Newport Infant School;

Moorfield Primary School;

Chrush Aston Infants School;

Newport C of E Junior School;

Newport Girls High School;

Burton Borough School;

Newport Post Office;

Local convenience stores and Waitrose.

The site has easy access to bus stops, with Ashworth Way/Wallshead Way providing access to the 5 and S5 busses, which between them run regular services to Telford and Stafford. The 7 service runs between Newport Town Centre and Wellington Bus Station in Telford during peak periods between 7.50am – 8.43am and 4.25pm – 5.11pm.

Our Vision

The new scheme, proposed to be named “Hutchison Gate”, has been designed to incorporate a number of changes to the approved schemes in response to feedback from the community and other stakeholders. In particular, the Station Road access has been switched from a mini roundabout to a T-junction and narrowed which will provide a larger buffer to add extra protection for the veteran oak tree and existing pond.

The masterplan has also been reshaped to ensure that site features valued by local residents are better accounted for in the development proposals. For example, the tree belt along the northern boundary will now be retained (parts of which were previously proposed to be removed for drainage purposes). The existing rights of way running through the site will be maintained and enhanced, forming green corridors through the development, whilst the trees and flowers that Newport in Bloom have planted over the years will also be fully retained.

In summary, the comprehensive scheme is proposed to deliver:

Around 300 high-quality new homes in a range of styles and sizes, including 1 – 5 bedroom properties, to help meet local housing need;

A 70 unit Extra Care development, providing accommodation, with varying levels of care and support services for the elderly;

35% of the new properties (including all of the Extra Care units) will be affordable offering high-quality housing for those who may be struggling to afford a deposit or rent;

Around 12 acres of usable green space, including a series of green corridors through the site, creating new recreational and leisure opportunities;

A new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) pitch and Local Equipped Area of Play (LEAP) for use by future and existing residents;

A new community orchard to promote healthy living and responsible, sustainable consumption;

A site that is divided into ‘character areas’, distinguished by subtle design features on the proposed dwellings, helping to create unique and distinct identity for the new community; and

An economic boost for local businesses with more people spending locally, as well as the creation of jobs during the construction phase.

Plans & Documents

Please see our plans for the proposals below. By clicking on each button, you will be able to view the plans and download them if you would like, simply click the download button in the top right corner of your screen. 


Bloor Homes is committed to public engagement in respect of our proposals, and we have sought to provide more information on various aspects of the plans below:

Bloor Homes is bringing forward proposals for approximately 300 high quality new family homes at land west of Station Road, Newport. Our development partner, Wrekin Housing Group, will also construct an Extra Care Scheme comprising of 70 specially designed apartments for local people over the age of 55 and/or in need of care and support. These apartments will be let and managed by The Wrekin Housing Group on Affordable Rents (80% of market rent).

To ensure a site wide provision of 35% affordable homes in line with Council policy, a number of the 2 and 3 bedroom family homes will also be provided as affordable rent or shared ownership properties for local people unable to buy or rent on the open market.

In addition, the proposals will deliver approximately 12 aces of green space across the site, to include the existing tree buffers on the site boundaries, green corridors along footpath corridors, and a new central open space area including drainage features and play space.

The play space will include a new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) with an all-weather surface for ball sports and a separate Local Equipped Area of Play (LEAP), both of which will be able to be used by new and existing residents. Bloor Homes’ are also proposing a new community orchard to promote healthy living and responsible, sustainable consumption.

There will be a mix of different sized 1-5 bedroom homes which are situated within different ‘character areas’, distinguished by subtle design features on the proposed dwellings, helping to create unique and distinct identity for the new community.

Providing a range of house types will ensure that groups such as first time buyers struggling to get onto the property ladder, the elderly looking to downsize, or key workers, such as teachers and nurses, are catered for on the new development.

The Extra Care scheme will consist of 70 one and two bed apartments within a single block which will include communal dining and leisure facilities and different levels of care provision to meet the needs of residents.

The range of homes will cater for identified groups such as first time buyers struggling to get onto the property ladder, the elderly looking to downsize, or key workers, such as teachers and nurses.

35% of the units will be affordable (including all extra care units) and these will contain a mix of affordable rent, shared ownership and intermediate housing.

Bloor Homes hope to submit the full application in Summer 2021 and a decision on the planning application is anticipated in the autumn. If the Council approves our application, we will look to start work on site in 2022.

This site already has outline planning permission for new homes and, as such, the principal of delivering new homes at this site has been agreed by the Council. The site is also located within the settlement boundary of Newport.

The land west of Station Road provides an excellent opportunity for the delivery of a new community in a sustainable location. This is due to a number of reasons, including the proximity of the site to an array of local services, including schools, retail facilities, employment and public transport links to Telford and Stafford.

A full Transport Assessment was carried out as part of the outline planning application and in granting planning permission previously the Council has agreed in principle that the highways impact of delivering new homes at this site is acceptable.

However, an updated transport assessment will be submitted with the new planning application to ensure recent traffic conditions and the latest transport policies are taken into account.

Vehicle access to the site will be provided via Station Road with a second access directly onto the A518. Pedestrians will be able to access the site via the Hutchison public right of way, which will form part of a green corridor running through the site, and existing rights of way will be retained within the scheme.

New development inevitably increases the number of people that use local services and infrastructure such as schools, GP surgeries and local roads. As part of the proposals, the Local Authority will identify if any financial contributions are required to support local facilities, such as increased provisions for doctors surgeries, schools and dentists. If a financial contribution is required, the Local Authority will make the final decision on where any funds are invested into local services.

The existing trees and hedgerows will be retained where possible, and any losses will be more than offset by additional planting in the open space and gardens. Fencing will be put in place to protect trees prior to construction starting. Future landscaping and habitat creation will be looked after through a management plan.

An ecological appraisal will be submitted with the full application which identifies the existing on-site habitats and any potential ecological impacts which may occur as a result of any future development proposals. This allows Bloor Homes to avoid or reduce any potential ecological impacts by including the adequate mitigation measures within the proposed scheme.

The new homes will be built to the latest standards of energy efficiency and many of the homes will be provided with electric vehicle charging points.

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) and Drainage Strategy has been prepared for the site and confirms that the site is located within Flood Zone 1 and is at a very low risk from surface water flooding and flooding.

Bloor Homes have carried out a series of ground investigations, including a period of ground water monitoring, in response to concerns that have been raised locally about ground water flooding. These investigations confirmed that there was no presence of ground water at shallow depths, and historic surface water pooling on parts of the site were as a result of the presence of perched water rather than groundwater.

The previously submitted drainage strategy has been amended to deliver improvements to the overall site layout. By controlling the wider site, Bloor Homes has been able to improve the site’s drainage strategy and retain the existing tree line at the northern boundary, which previously was to be removed for drainage. The drainage scheme has been designed as an integral part of the green infrastructure proposed for the site and will provide new habitat for wildlife as well as ensuing the development adequately manages surface water runoff from the development area.

Your Views

Your views are important to us ahead of the submission of this reserved matters application. Our public consultation is underway, and you can share your thoughts about our commitment to delivering a high-quality development in the following ways:

Our pre-application consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all feedback received. The consultation ran from 26th May to 9th June 2021. You can still get in touch with the development team through the following.

Please note that any feedback provided by you will be used for the purposes of informing the submission of a planning application and a summary of all responses will be collated into a Consultation Statement to be submitted as part of that application to the Council. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of this consultation exercise. The data will be held securely in accordance with data protection guidelines.

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Bloor Homes began building houses over 50 years ago and is now the UK’s largest privately-owned housebuilder. Operating across eight regions, the Company builds more than four thousand high quality homes per year.

Bloor Homes is committed to delivering distinctive, quality developments that last the test of time. We are proud of our attention to detail and our homes are designed to create spaces that work beautifully and complement the communities they fit into. But don’t just take our word for it – 9 out 10 of our customers would recommend us to family and friends.

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